Modern Landscape in Ivins Utah

Straight edges and lots of contrast in color are typical features of modern landscape design.

Modern Landscape with strong contrast in color

A modern landscape design in St. George Utah. To learn more about what makes a modern landscape design, click here

Modern Landscape with Dry Riverbed

Modern Landscape

Josh has owned one of the longest-running landscape companies St. George Utah

Modern Style Landscape

Modern style landscape with a dry riverbed

Modern style Firepit in a Desert theme landscape

Gas fire pit in Ivins Utah

Gallery: Modern Landscape in St. George UT

This modern landscape design was created by The Yard Dr. of St. George. Modern landscapes typically have lots of strong contra

Landscape in St. George Utah

This landscape was completed by The Yard Dr. of St. George Utah

Backyard Garden Bed – Landscape Makeover

Garden bed in the back yard of a home near St. George Utah. This landscape feature was designed and constructed by Josh Cooper

Desert theme Landscape makeover with a stone walkway and dry river bed

For this desert-themed landscape makeover, we added some large boulders, plants, and a stone walkway. We also re-graded the su

Landscape Remodel – Modernize and reduce water usage

The top picture is the original landscape with some dated features. The homeowner wanted a fresh look that would use less wate

Landscape Makeover – Before and After

The original landscape (top) had no grass for the grandkids to play. It also had fundamental issues that made the landscape un