Water Feature & Flame Feature in a South West Landscape near St. George Utah

Desert Landscape, Water Feature, Fire Feature, Red Mountains near St. George UtahCompleted by The Yard Dr.

What is the Southwest Landscape? Also called Desert or Oasis.

Southwest – desert – oasis: This home typically has a flat roof with large open windows towards a view. It can include some parts of many different styles. Typically with minimal lawn, or a lawn area being replaced by a putting green. Often this will have larger amounts of hardscaping.  Frequently it is a smaller yard area, with lower maintenance needs. However, the space is maximized for entertainment and includes micro retreats. Think relaxation, nature, trickling or raging water features, flame features, view patios, evergreen plants with lots of texture and periodic breath taking blossoms from some of the most peculiar plants. Flagstone patios and walkways, dry stacked rock planters or retaining walls, dry river beds, lava or sandstone boulders, red or brown crushed gravels. Crusher fines (chat) can make clean but natural cover over the dirt and blends well into a native terrain. This is an environment friendly landscaping. 

This backyard paradise is in Ivins Ut, Just outside of St. George and was completed by the Josh from The Yard Dr. in 2018.

Take a virtual tour of this landscape at https://www.facebook.com/TheYardDr.St.GeorgeUtah/videos/635112420198315/